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Thanks for stopping by Nithyas Nalabagam 
          I am Nithya Naveen, mother of Navnith and Narain. Cooking is always my passion. Most of the recipes I learnt are from my mom who is a great cook. Started liking towards cooking during my school days. I used to help my mom in cutting veggies and preparing easy recipes during my school days. I am a Vegan by choice, but started liking towards eggs. I went to baking class in a nearby University, before joining my engineering, I still remember the first cake I baked. Me and my brother gathered sand from our backyard and baked the cake in Idli Vessel. During my college days, whenever I reach home before my family, I used to surprise them by making new recipes learnt from cook book. My brother is always a good inspiration to me. He encourages and helps me whenever I try a new recipe. After joining IT field, I was staying with my friends in London . There I got exposure to International Foods. 
         After marriage, my man who is a non-vegetarian converted to a vegetarian. So I started exploring more vegetarian dishes that suits his taste. After my little one started eating solid foods, my recipe search becomes intense. He is a very good food critic. My little one first looks at a dish. Only when it appeals to his eyes, he will say Ok to feed him. So I started arranging the food in the way he likes. Then sometimes he remembers the colour of food and forgets its name, so I started taking photos of the food I cook. My kid sees the slideshow of recipe and selects his menu for that day.
          Nithya's Nalabagam is a brain child of my hubby Naveen. Most of the recipes I learnt it are from my mom, some from cookery shows and books

What to expect in  Nithya's Nalabagam ?
Vegetarian and egg based recipes with exact measurements, step wise photos for easy understanding for newbies.  Now I am experimenting world cuisines. Come back and check for Indian cuisines and Vegetarian International cuisines. Each and every recipe presented here is measured, cooked / baked , photographed in my kitchen to suit my family taste buds. Each recipe except guest posts are tasted by my family.

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Please leave your comments and suggestions either using contact me page or below comment form. Your comments will encourage me in my new recipe ventures. 

Happy Cooking !


  1. Your lil one's name is so unique, combination of Nithya and Naveen right? ;)

  2. hello nithya

    This is the fisrt time i visited the blog, and i loved it completely.. wonderful recipes... all the best.. carry on the good work...

  3. Hai Nithya this is a first time i visit your blog.I like your kids recipe particularly star poori and try soon for my 2 year son.

  4. Hi Nithya: I love your blog! I have tried many of your recipes, and they always come out so well! I enjoy the variety you have here, and it is my go-to place if I'm wondering what to cook for the day! My kids and hubby love the food I make (thanks to you :-)) Thank you for following your passion, and for sharing these wonderful recipes!- Anita

  5. hi your blog is awesome this is first time I am visiting.. even for me cooking is passion... I love trying new recipes.....

  6. Hey nice to see your blog and the word London immediately connected me to your blog :) will follow your blog for more updated recipes!


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