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Kuchi Ice - Grape Juice Popsicle

Grape Juice Popsicle
How about a home-made popsicle with fresh fruits ? Popsicles comes in different flavours and colours. As a kid, I get confused to choose the colour and flavour. Me and my brother used to fight for selecting the popsicles. Last week when I went to shopping , I saw the popsicle mold and this is in my to-do list for a long time. Immediately I got it along with over priced grapes. Prepared it and left it in fridge overnight. Next morning I skipped my coffee and had this grapes popsicles. I really loved it. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Grapes Popsicles.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Yields: 4 Servings

Grape Juice Popsicle

Seedless Red Grapes 
2 Cups
2 tbsp
Ice Water
1/2 Cup

  • Remove the stalks and wash red seedless grapes.Blend seedless grapes, water and sugar in a smooth paste in a blender.
Grape Juice PopsicleGrape Juice Popsicle

  • Filter the juice using strainer. Pour the juice in popsicle molds and close it with the lid.
Grape Juice PopsicleGrape Juice Popsicle
  • Freeze it overnight. Remove from freezer and keep the popsicle mold in warm water for a minutes.Alternatively you can keep the popsicle molds under running water. carefully remove the popiscle from mold.

Grape Juice PopsicleGrape Juice Popsicle

Kuchi Ice cream / Grapes Popsicles / Grapes Juice Popsicle

Kuchi Ice cream

  • Adjust sugar to your taste.
  • Don't open the freezer frequently. 


  1. perfect kuchi ice for summer :)

  2. Beautiful and the grapes are splattering with the bright color and I know how amazing the taste must have been.

  3. lovely popsicle.perfect treat for summer.

  4. Lovely healthy popsickle :) my favorite flavor too. Hope u are doing all well, I think I am visiting you after ages

  5. Lovely colored popsicle's.. Looks yummy and delicious Nithya :-)

  6. lovely luking popscile.wonderful clicks.

  7. Lovely color, perfect for summer...


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