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Baking Tips

  • Always use fresh ingredients. Check the expiry date of the ingredients before using it.
  • Don't over mix the batter. Follow the directions given in the recipe.
  • Once the batter is prepared, immediately put in the Oven.
  • For even cooking, always use center rack of the oven. 
  • Always use accurate measurements in baking. If the measurements are not accurate then recipes won't work. Invest in a set of plastic or metal measuring cups. Fill the measuring cups with ingredient and level the top.
  • Use parchment paper or grease properly the bake ware with nonstick spray or butter. If you are using wax paper, brush it lightly with cooking oil. No need to brush parchment paper as it is already specially treated.
  • To Check whether cake is baked, insert a tooth pick in the center of the cake Th e tooth pick should come out clean and dry.
  • Although all ovens are supposed to run at a certain temperature, some might run slightly colder or hotter. 

Below are some of the problems freshers might encounter during baking. Analyse the reason or solution to solve the problem. 

Reason / Solution
Cookies spread
Oven not preheated properly

Too much sugar added
Cookies run into each other
Dough is placed too close together in baking sheet
Cookies bottom is burnt
Over baked.
Cookies are dry
Too much flour used.
Cookies got stuck to baking sheet 
Use good quality pan

Use parchment paper.

Reason / Solution
Cake is too dry
The Liquid and flour measurement are wrong
Cake got big holes 
Cake is Over baked
Cake bottom is burnt
Always use middle rack in Oven
Cake sinks in middle
Cake is under baked or too much of baking powder
Cake got stuck to pan          
Use good quality pan, use parchment paper
Cake is too tough
Apply generous coating of butter to bottom and sides of pan

Happy Baking !

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