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Bachelor Cooking

Bachelor cooking segment includes easy and quick recipes. Most of the recipes mentioned below are cooked using single vessel. So less cleaning involved. The recipe's mentioned below are cooked without using mixie or grinder.To get the latest updates and recipes in mail, subscribe to Nithya's Nalabagam or stay connected through google+  or facebook or twitter


  • Arisi Paruppu Sadham :  Easy and tasty main course for lunch prepared by cooking Dhal and Rice together. Relish this recipe with Curd, Pickle and Chips / Appalam.
  • Coconut Rice : The best recipe during summer season. Coconut maintains the body temperature and refreshes the body. 
  • Vegetable Fried Rice: An easy and healthy recipe. No need for any side dish. Cooked with easily available vegetables.
  • Egg Fried Rice : This recipe for egg lovers.  No need for side dish for this recipe. An easy and quick Indo-chinese Recipe
  • Tomato Moong Dal : Tomato and Moong Dal are cooked together followed by a simple seasoning. An easy side dish to Rice.
  • Easy Sambar: No need for any grinding. Cook this sambar with your favourite vegetables. Rice Side dish.
  • Dal Rasam: Healthy South Indian Soup. Rice side dish.
  • Curd Rice: An easy and quick Lunch box recipe.
  • Tri Colour Pulao: Packed with Healthy ingredients. Prepare this pulao from frozen peas, corn and carrots.
  • Easy Vegetable Biryani: Easy and quick Biryani. Tips are given especially for bachelors to avoid grinding and to use instant store bought pastes.
  • Tomato Rice | Thakkali SadamEasy and quick variety rice. Tips are given especially for bachelors to avoid grinding and to use instant store bought pastes.
  • Carrot Rice: For carrot lovers. No grinding involved.
  • Egg Fry | Muttai Poriyal: This can be mixed with rice. It can also be served as a side dish for Variety rice, chapati, roti and Sandwich bread.
  • Thayir Kuzhambu: This Yogurt based kuzhambu an be prepared within 10 mins. Enjoy it with hot rice and some spicy poriyal.
  • Cabbage and Green Peas stir Fry: Use canned or frozen peas to speed up the process. This versatile stir fry can be served with chapati, rice or can be used as a filling in sandwich and wraps.
  • Tawa Pulao: Easy rice recipe with store bought pav bhaji powder. Easily prepared with leftover rice.


  • Bread Omlette :  Got bored of eating Bread and Jam ?  Is Bread lying in the fridge for a long time ? Try this recipe for breakfast /Tiffin.
  • Garlic Bread : This recipe is for vegetarians who can't enjoy Bread Omlette. Quick and easy Tiffin.
  • Lemon Sevai: This Idiyappam or sevai is cooked with instant sevai available in Indian Grocery stores.
  • Tomato Sevai: This spicy Idiyappam or sevai is cooked with instant sevai. Explained the recipe with tomato paste to avoid blanching and grinding tomatoes.
  • Kanchipuram upma: Bored of rava upma, make a twist by adding cumin, turmeric , shredded coconut and pepper. Quick Breakfast within 15 mins
  • Ragi Dosa - Millets Dosa: For Dosa Lovers, no need to grind or wait for fermentation. Just mix the ingredients and prepare the dosa.
  • Instant Maida Dosa: One more dosa recipe which doesn't require grinding and fermentation. 
  • Vegetable Masala Omelette: Enjoy this healthy breakfast which has nutrients from egg and vegetables. Mix and match the vegetables.
  • Mung dal Porridge: One pot pressure cooker pasi paruppu kanji . Healthy and filling.
  • Pancakes: If you are having sweet tooth then this is a must try recipe.
  • Bread Pizza: Easy recipe made with store bought bread.


  • Onion Masala Pori: Quick snack, The best thing is no need to cook or bake. Just mix all the mentioned ingredients and enjoy it with cup of tea.


  1. good one helpful for me pls post more

    1. Thanks Varun.. will update more recipes in future..

    2. bachelor's quick reference cooking guide. so helpful.

  2. Anymore recepie for bachelor cooking would help me for months.. have tried all these..


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