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Recipe Index

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[+] Salads

Baking Recipes:

[+] Savory Baking


Breakfast Recipes | Tiffin Recipes | Dinner Recipes:

[+] Upma | Semiya Recipes
[+] Kozhukattai Recipes

Lunch - Side Dish for Rice:

[+] Thogayal / Thuvaiyal Recipes
[+] Yogurt / Curd Dips Recipes
[+] Varuval Recipes

Lunch - Rice Recipes:


[+] Laddu Recipes
[+] Payasam Recipes
[+] Other Sweet Recipes


Deep Fried Snacks:
[+] Bajji | Bonda | Vadai | Pakoda Recipes
[+] Murukku | Boondi Recipes
[+] Biscuits and Chips Recipes
Less Oil Snacks:
[+] Chaats | Street Food
[+] Rolls | Wraps | Sandwich
[+] Egg Recipes
[+] Puffed Rice | Pori Recipes
[+] Sundal Recipes
[+] Other Recipes

International Recipes:


  1. Hi.. I have been trying many recipes from your Recipe Index .. all are coming out very very well.. thanks a lot .... Keep updating it.. Good Luck....

  2. hi... i prepared coconut milk pulav as ur method.. it comes more tastier than i expected... i was surprised... and aslo i tried bisi bele bath...


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