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30 Mins Recipes

Time Saving Tips:

  • Cleaning and chopping vegetables is time consuming. I usually do the whole package during weekends after the grocery shopping when the vegetables are fresh. Clean the coriander leaves, mint and curry leaves before storing in the refrigerator.Freeze portions in sealed plastic bags or containers. I especially like to use frozen peas and frozen shredded coconut.
  • Planning is more important in time saving. Plan meals for the upcoming week and add the required ingredients to the grocery list. Some of the dry ingredients used in our cooking can be stored for long time. For perishables items I do the grocery shopping once a week.
  • Double the recipes and freeze the extra for those days when there is no time to cook. But always remember not all the things can be frozen.
  • Use time-saving appliances like a rice cooker, blender, food processor, food chopper, pressure cooker when possible. Pressure cooker reduces time and fuel especially when cooking pulses.

Below is a list compiled of easy and quick recipes. All the below recipes will be ready in 30 mins or less. If you like my recipes stay connected through google+ or facebook or twitter. To get the latest updates and recipes in mail, subscribe to Nithya's Nalabagam


            Onion Capsicum Sandwich
            Idli Upma - Recipe with Leftover Idli
            Green Peas Vermicelli
            Mixed Vegetable Uthappam
            Crispy Dosa
            Instant Oats Dosa
            Instant Maida Dosa
            Vegetable Dosa
            Thalicha Dosai - Seasoned Crepe
            Kuzhi Paniyaram - Kara Paniyaram
            Poori for Kids
            Ragi Dosa - Millets Dosa
            Rava Upma - Sooji Upma - Khara bath
            Kanchipuram Upma
            Semiya Upma - Vermicelli Upma
            Lemon Sevai - Lemon Idiyappam 
           Chappathi Egg Fry
           Palak Chappathi - Spinach Chappathi  
           Poori and Potato Masala
           Ven Pongal - Khara Pongal
           Vegetable Kothu Parotta
           Instant Jowar Dosa - Chola Dosa
           Paneer Paratha
           Vegetable chapati roll
           Onion Roti
           Dry Kothu parotta
           Chickpeas Sandwich
           Indian Veggie Burger
           Egg Paniyaram 
           Thayir Semiya | Curd Semiya
           Oats Khichdi
           Mung bean sprouts sandwich
           Instant Onion Rava Dosa
           Avocado Chappati
           Oats Rava Idli
           Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam
           Broken Wheat upma | Samba ravai upma
           Rava Idli
           Mixed Vegetable Avocado Sandwich
           Basic Pancakes from Scratch
           Moong dal Porridge | Pasi paruppu Kanji
           Bread Omlette
           Garlic Bread in Dosa Pan
           Bread Pizza


          Carrot Chutney
          Cabbage chutney - Cabbage pachadi
          Coconut Chutney - Thengai Chutney
          Egg plant Chutney - Brinjal Chutney - Kathirikkai Chutney
          Egg plant Tomato Chutney - Kathirikkai Thakkali Chutney
          Garlic Chutney - Poondu Chutney
          Mysore Masala Dosa Chutney
          Paruppu Chutney  - Dal Chutney
          Peanut Chutney - Groundnut Chutney
          Tomato Chutney - Easy Version
          Vara Milagai Chutney
          Spicy Tomato Pachadi - Thakkali Chutney
          Easy Sambar
          Tiffin sambar - Moong Dal Sambar
          Beetroot Chutney
          Ridge gourd Chutney - Beerakaya Chutney
          Paneer Bhurji
          Bottlegourd chutney - Sorakaya pachadi - Sorakkai chutney
          Shallots Chutney - Chinna Vengaya Chutney
          Apple Chutney
          Coriander Chutney
          Coriander Mint Chutney
          Red Bell Pepper Chutney - Red Capsium Chutney
          Chettinad Onion Kosu


 South Indian Side dish Recipes for Rice

    Vegetable Curry Recipes / Poriyal Recipes  
          Beetroot Leaves Poriyal - Beetroot Leaves stir Fry
          Beetroot Poriyal - Beetroot stir Fry
          Brussels sprouts Poriyal - Brussels sprouts Stir Fry
          Cabbage Poriyal - Cabbage Stir Fry
          Carrot Poriyal - Carrot stir Fry
          Carrot Beans Poriyal
          Cauliflower Poriyal - Cauliflower Stir Fry
          Chettinad Potato Fry
          Egg plant potato Curry - Kathirikkai Urulai Kizhangu Poriyal
          Keerai Thandu poriyal
          Mulai Keerai poriyal - Amaranth Leaves poriyal
          Pasalai Keerai Poriyal - Spinach Fry
          Pavakkai poriyal - Karela Curry - Kakarakaya poriyal
          Potato Fry - Urulai Kizhangu Poriyal
          Senai Kizhangu Masala Poriyal - Elephant Yam Masala Curry
          Shallots Fry - Chinna Vengayam Poriyal
          Urulai Kizhangu Podimas - Potato Podimas
          Vazhakkai Podimas - Raw Banana Poriyal / Curry
          Vazhakkai Varuval - Raw Banana Fry
          Murungai keerai poriyal - Drumstick leaves fry
          Sorakkai Poriyal - Bottle gourd dry curry
          Carrot,beans and Cabbage Poriyal
          Brinjal Poriyal - Kathirikkai Poriyal
          Tindora Poriyal - Kovakkai Poriyal
          Kothavarangai poriyal - Cluster beans curry
          Muttai Poriyal | Egg Fry
          Green Beans Poriyal
          Cabbage and Green Peas Stir Fry
          Yellow pumpkin Poriyal - Parangikai poriyal
          Spicy soya chunks poriyal
          Spicy Vazhakkai Poriyal
          Vendhaya Keerai Poriyal
          Broad beans stir fry - Avarakkai poriyal
    Dal Recipes  
         Kollu  Paruppu - Horse Gram Dal
         Tomato Moong Dal 
         Oil-less Toor Dal
         Pachai Payaru - Green Moong Dal 
         Easy Sambar
         Pasi paruppu sambar
         Pavakkai Pitlai | Pavakkai Sambar
   Rasam Recipes  
         Kollu Rasam
         Paruppu Rasam - Dal Rasam
         Thakkali Rasam - Easy Tomato Rasam
         Pepper Rasam - Milagu Rasam
         Ginger Rasam - Inji Rasam
         Drumstick Leaves Rasam - Murungai Keerai Rasam
         Poondu Rasam - Garlic Rasam
   Kootu Recipes  
         Pasalai  keerai Thuvaram paruppu kootu - Spinach Toor Dal
         Mullai Keerai Thuvaram paruppu Kootu - Amarnath Leaves Toor Dal
         Murungai  keerai Thuvaram paruppu kootu - Drumstick Leaves Toor Dal
         Nool Kol Pasi Paruppu Kootu - Turnip Moong Dal
         White Pumpkin Moong Dal Kootu
         Yellow Pumpkin Kootu
         Ridge gourd Moong Dal Kootu - Peerkangai Kootu
         Chow chow Kootu
   Masiyal Recipes  
         Pasalai Keerai Masiyal - Spinach Gravy - Palak Gravy
         Arai Keerai Masiyal
   Kuzhambu Recipes / Gravy Recipes     
         Raw Mango Gravy - Mangai Kuzhambu           
         Mushroom Peanut Gravy - Kallan Kuzhambu           
         Thakkali Kuzhambu - Tomato Kuzhambu
         Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu - Lady's Finger Tamarind Gravy
         Vendakkai Mor Kuzhambu - Lady's Finger Butter Milk Gravy
         Vendhaya Kuzhambu - Fenugreek Gravy
         White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambu - Poosanikkai Mor Kuzhambu
         Poondu Kuzhambu - Garlic Tamarind Gravy
         Thotakura pulusu - Mullai keerai puli kuzhambu
         Curry Leaves Kuzhambu - Karuveppilai Kuzhambu
         Murungakkai Kara Kuzhambu
         Pavakkai Puli Kuzhambu
         Murungai Keerai Kuzhambu
         Chow chow Kuzhambu
         Moong sprouts Kuzhambu | Mulai payaru Kuzhambu
         Kadamba Kuzhambu | Mixed Vegetable Kuzhambu
         Pepper Kuzhambu | Milagu Kuzhambu
         Thayir Kuzhambu | Curd Kuzhambu
    Yogurt / Curd Dips
         Carrot Raita
         Onion Raita
         Lady's Finger Pachadi / Bhindi Raita
         Mint Cilantro Raita
    Podi / Dry Powders
         Paruppu Podi - Lentil Powder     
    Thogayal / Thuvaiyal
         Pudina Thogayal - Mint Chutney
         Ridge gourd Thogayal - Peerkangai Thogayal
         Mangai Thogayal - Raw Mango Chutney
         Ginger Thogayal - Inji Thuvaiyal

  North Indian Side dish Recipes for chapati / Roti

         Makai Gobi Masala - Caulfilower Corn Masala Gravy  
         Palak Paneer - Spinach Paneer Gravy
         Cauliflower Green peas gravy
         Mattar Paneer
         Kadai Paneer
         Nawabi Gucchi
         Aloo Palak


         Arisi Paruppu Sadham - Rice Dhal Kichadi
         Capsicum Rice
         Coconut Rice - Thengai Sadham    
         Coconut Milk Briyani
         Curd Rice - Thayir Sadham      
         Egg Rice
         Green Moong Dal Rice - Pachai payaru sadham
         Pasi paruppu sadham - Yellow Moong Dal Rice
         Lemon Rice - Elumichai Sadham
         Tomato Biryani - Thakkali Biryani
         Coriander Rice - Kothamalli Sadam
         Gujarati Khichri
         Palak Pulao - Spinach Rice
         Paneer sweet corn Rice
         Tri Colour Pulao
         Mushroom Fried Rice
         Vegetable Biryani
         Vangi bath - Brinjal Rice - Eggplant Rice
         Beetroot Rice - Beetroot Sadham
         Raw Mango Rice | Mangai Sadam
         Coconut Milk Pulao
         Mint Rice | Pudina Sadam
         Tomato Rice | Thakkali Sadam
         Betel Leaf Rice | Vetrilai Sadam
         Spinach Rice | Keerai Sadam


   Healthy Snacks

         Boiled Egg Onion Fry 
         Chickpeas Chaat - Chana Chat Oil Free
         Fruit Salad
         Masala Pori - Masala Puffed Rice
         Sweet corn Chat
         Onion Masala Pori - Onion Masala Puffed Rice
         Chickpeas Sandwich
         Indian Veggie Burger

   Deep Fried Snacks

        Onion Fritters - Vengaya Pakoda
        French Fries
        Ragi Pakoda-Finger Millets Fritters
        Milagai Bajji - Chilli  Bajji
        Kara Boondi


        Chocolate Fudge in 3 mins
        Chocolate Muffins
        Ragi biscuits - Finger Millet Cookies
        Strawberry Banana Muffins
        Eggless Mango Chocochips Muffins
        Vegan Banana Chocolate chips Muffins
        Eggless Strawberry Nutella thumbprint cookies
        Chocolate Cake


       Coconut Rava Laddu
       Instant Karuppati paniyaram - palm jaggery dumplings
       Milk Peda - Microwave Pal Kova  (Ready in 10 mins)
       Rava Laddu 
       Urad dal Laddu- Sunnundalu
       Pottukadalai urundai
       Ragi Chocolate Laddu | Finger millet Chocolate urundai
       Sweet chapati
       Semiya payasam - Vermicelli payasam
       Pasi paruppu payasam - Moong Dal payasam
       Coconut Burfi - Thengai Barfi
       Chocolate Maida Cake - Chocolate Maida Burfi
       Mango Halwa
       Mango Keasri
       Sweet Kozhukattai
       Sweet Modak
       Mango Payasam - Mango Kheer
       Pineapple Kesari



       Broccoli Pasta    
       Spinach Pasta
       Creamy Avocado Pasta
       Tomato Capsicum Spaghetti
       Egg Spaghetti
       Veg Spaghetti Noodles - Indo-chinese style
       Basil Almond Pesto Pasta


      Guacamole - Mexican Condiment
      Mild Tomato Salsa


      Cardamom Ginger Tea
      Carrot Lemon Juice
      Masala Chai Tea
      Mango Milkshake
      Orange Lemon punch
      South Indian Filter Coffee
      Spicy butter milk - Neer More
      Strawberry Milkshake
      Strawberry Smoothie
      Vanilla Ice cream Apple Milkshake
      Watermelon Juice
      Sukku Coffee - Chukku Malli Kappi
      Nimbu Pani - Lemonade
      Papaya Lassi
      Red Grapes Juice


  1. Nice collection of recipes nithya.

    Anitha (anitha cooks)

  2. Lovely collection of recipes here. Especially for working moms. Thanks for sharing these recipes.

  3. very good collection of recipes will this recipe b available in ur page always so that i can check whenever i require pl reply iam now bookmarking ur page since as of now i wil not b able 2 copy all ur recipes pl reply

    1. Yes.. The recipes will be available in my page..

  4. A nice and varied collection of recipes to suit different palates.Thanks on behalf of all lovers of good food.


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