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My Balanced Diet

Disclaimer: The balanced diet mentioned below is purely my knowledge gathered from my mom. 

My mom being a science teacher always make sure my family eats a proper balanced diet. She prepares recipes which accommodates at least a fruit, a vegetable, a pulse variety and a cereal  variety daily. 
According to me, south Indian meals are a very good example for a balanced diet. Below is the balanced diet I am trying to follow for my family.

Adults Intake per day:

NutrientsQuantity               ExampleRich in
Cereals450 - 500 gmsRice, wheatCarbohydrates
Pulses40 -50 gmsChanna, ToorProteins
Green leafy vegetables40 gmsSpinachIron, calcium and
Vit A, B12,C
Other vegetables60-80 gmsBrinjal, Tomato    Minerals and Vitamins
Roots and tubers50-80 gmsPotatoCarbohydrates
Milk and milk products150-250 mlYogurtProteins, calcium and Minerals
Oil and vegetable fat50 gmsOlive OilFat soluble Vitamins
Sugar and Jaggery40 gms
Vitamin A
Asafoetida, ginger, garlic,              
chillies, tamarind and turmeric
Helps in Digestion.
Excessive intake causes Ulcer


  1. This page is really interesting for the people who are health conscious. One additional thing I would recommend is to put the (ball park numbers) calories for each row.

    1. Thanks for the comment srinath.. Sure I will update it..


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