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Poori for Kids

Poori for Kids
Toughest job for me is to make my kid eat his food. Yesterday When I was making poori , my kid was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little star rhymes. Suddenly he asked for star poori.  I gave him the star shaped cookie cutter. He helped me to cut the dough into star shape. As he was involved in preparation, he had poori without any trouble. Cookie cutter is a boon to me. Whenever I prepare chapati or poori, my kid chooses the shape and he helps me in cutting the poori.  Please check below for Kids friendly poori.

Poori for Kids

Poori Recipe in different shapes for fussy Kids.

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Yields : 2

Recipe Category: Breakfast
Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Chapati Flour / Atta : 1/2 Cup
Warm Water : 1/6 Cup
Sooji : 1 tsp
Salt : As needed

1. Make a stiffer dough by adding chapati flour, warm water, sooji | White rava and salt. Knead well and leave the dough for 5 minutes.
Poori for Kids 1Poori for Kids 2

2. Again knead it so that no cracks are found in dough.Take a fraction of a dough and make a ball the size of a medium lemon. Flatten the balls to 4-5 inches in diameter using rolling pin. Using a cookie cutter, cut into desired shapes.
3 Poori for Kids4 Poori for Kids

3. Heat Oil in a Kadai. Oil should be enough to immerse poori.  If the Oil is not enough hot, you won't get fluffy poori. Deep fry the poori's in hot Oil.  Poori will start rising.
5 Poori for Kids6 Poori for Kids

4.Once the colour is changed to golden colour and ssh sound resides, cook on the other side. Drain the excess oil by placing in paper towel.
7 Poori for Kids8 Poori for Kids

Use any cookie cutter shape to get the desired results.


  1. Good idea to make kids eat their pooris without fuss.. Looks like you had a cute hand helping you make these :) Looks super cute!!

  2. Such a cute way to make ur kid eat :)

  3. Hi nithya thanks for the visit

    ur pooris r cute
    mayb i shud try them some time as a snack though my kids r grown up

  4. thats soo cool. sure kids love to have such treats.


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