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Coconut Rava Laddu

Coconut Rava Laddu

Coconut Rava  Laddu is a South Indian sweet, prepared from coconut, sooji,sugar and ghee. Coconut combined with rava and sugar adds more flavour. An easy and quick sweet which can be served as a dessert. Please check below for detailed step-wise instructions for Coconut Rava Laddu.

Cook Time :                5 mins
Preparation Time:    10 mins
Ready in :                   15 mins
Yields :                         10 Laddu 

White Rava / Sooji 
1/2 Cup
Desicated Coconut 
1 Cup
3/4 Cup
2 tbsp
1/4 Cup

  • Dry roast rava to golden brown. Transfer it to a bowl. Add ghee and roast desiccated coconut till it changes golden colour. Transfer coconut to Rava bowl.

  •  Heat 1/4 Cup water in a pan and add sugar and cardamom. Allow the sugar to cook till it reaches sticky stage ( When sugar syrup pressed between thumb and fore finger, you should feel the stickiness)  Remove the cardamom.

  • Mix the sugar syrup with coconut and Rava. Allow the mixture to cool and make it to small balls.

Video for shaping Laddu

Cardamom can be replaced by cardamom powder.
Variations can be done by adding roasted cashews and raisins


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