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Garlic Naan | Oven Method

Garlic Naan
Naan is a thick Indian Flat bread prepared in oven or tandoor. It resembles pita bread and yeast is used in preparation of Naan. Butter Naan and Garlic Naan are the variations of basic Naan. All the three variations are explained below.  All purpose flour, salt, yeast, sugar, yogurt, milk and oil are used to prepare a smooth dough by kneading it for few minutes. Once the dough doubles in volume, it is divided into balls, flattened and cooked in oven. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Indian flat bread - Garlic Naan.

Preparation Time: 1.5 Hour
Cook Time: 15 mins
Yields:  10 Nos
Garlic Naan in Oven

All purpose flour | Maida 3 Cups
Active dry yeast1.5 tsp
Luke warm water1/2 Cup
Active dry yeast1.5 tsp
Sugar1 tsp
Salt1 tsp
Milk1/4 Cup
Yogurt | Curd2 tbsp
Oil2 tsp
Garlic finely chopped2 tbsp
Coriander leaves chopped2 tbsp


  • Take active dry yeast in a big bowl. Add Luke warm water and whisk well.

1 Garlic Naan2 Garlic Naan

  •  Add sugar, salt and milk to the yeast mixture.

3 Garlic Naan4 Garlic Naan

  • Add all purpose flour, curd and oil. Prepare a soft dough by kneading for 5 minutes.( similar to chapati dough) Adjust water and all purpose flour accordingly.

5 Garlic Naan6 Garlic Naan

  • Rest it for 1 hour by covering with damp cloth.After 1 hour, the dough will double in size. knead for 2-3 mins. 

7 Garlic Naan8 Garlic Naan

  • Take a fraction of a dough and make a ball of medium lemon size. Flatten the balls to 10-12 inches in diameter using rolling pin. Pull the flatten ball on one side using hand as shown in below picture.

9 Garlic Naan10 Garlic Naan

  • Preheat oven to maximum possible temperature. Transfer naan to baking tray. Garnish the flatten Naan with coriander leaves and finely chopped garlic.

11 Garlic Naan12 Garlic Naan

  • Change to Broiler mode. Bake in oven for 2-3 minutes till golden spots appear at some places on Naan.
Garlic Naan | Oven Method

Garlic Naan | Oven Method

For a simple naan, omit garnishing with coriander leaves and garlic and follow the remaining steps.
For butter Naan, once the naan is cooked brush the naan with butter.
Timings will depend on the oven settings.
Preheat oven to maximum possible temperature.
Always use Luke warm water (110 F) to dissolve yeast.


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