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Vazhaipoo Vadai | Banana Flower Recipes

Vazhaipoo Vadai
Banana blossom | Banana flower is used extensively in South Indian Cooking. Cleaning the banana flowers is time consuming and requires lots of patience. Clean the flower leisurely during evening time and store the cleaned flowers in fridge for next day cooking. I have already posted Vazhaipoo poriyal - Banana Blossom poriyalBanana Flower Kootu - Vazhaipoo Kootu. This crunchy Vazhaipoo Vadai can be served as a evening tea time snacks. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing South Indian snacks Vazhaipoo Vadai.

Soak Time: 1 hour
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins 
Ready In:  1 hour 30 mins 
Yields: 18 Nos
Banana Flower Vadai

Table 1:
Channa Dal | Kadalai paruppu
1 tbsp
For Deep Frying
Finely chopped onion
2 tbsp
Finely chopped Curry leaves 
Finely chopped Coriander leaves
5 sticks

Table 2: To Grind
Channa Dal | Kadalai paruppu
1/2 cup - 1 tbsp
Banana Flower | Vazhaipoo
1/2 cup
Ginger chopped
1 tbsp
Garlic chopped
1 tbsp
Cumin seeds | Seeragam
1 tsp
Fennel seeds | Sombu
1 tsp
Green chillies
As needed

  • Wash and soak 1/2 Cup Channa dal for 1 hour. Drain excess water. Take 1 tbsp of  soaked channa dal  and keep it separate.
1 Vazhaipoo Vadai2 Vazhaipoo Vadai
  • Drain excessive water from Cleaned banana flower. Grind remaining channa dal, cleaned banana flower, ginger, garlic, cumin seeds,  fennel seeds, green chillies  and salt coarsely without adding water.  
3 Vazhaipoo Vadai4 Vazhaipoo Vadai

  •  To the grind-ed mixture, add 1 tbsp soaked channa dal, onions, finely chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves.  

5 Vazhaipoo Vadai6 Vazhaipoo Vadai
  •  Make balls of 2 inch diameter. Flatten balls with your hand and carefully drop in oil. You can also skip preparing balls  and take a small portion of dough., flatten it using your finger and drop directly in oil
7 Vazhaipoo Vadai8 Vazhaipoo Vadai
  •  Deep fry it in medium flame till it turns golden brown and ssh sound subsides. Turn on other side and cook till golden brown.
9 Vazhaipoo Vadai10 Vazhaipoo Vadai

  •  Drain the excess oil by placing in paper towel.

11 Vazhaipoo Vadai12 Vazhaipoo Vadai

Vazhaipoo Vadai | Banana Flower Recipes
Banana Blossom Vadai

Adjust green chillies to your taste.
Deep fry the vadai in medium flame.
Adding onions in optional. It gives a crunchiness to the recipe. Avoid it when preparing for festivals.


  1. fell in luv vth last clik..very yummy n tempting..

  2. My all time favourite, i want some vadas to munch some.

  3. Awesome. While I hate cleaning the flower, I love the incorporation of it into this yummy and crispy vadai.

  4. my fav vadai....I use pottukadalai maavu to make this vadai..yours looks yummy...

  5. Yummy.. I've only heard about these vadas Nithya.. Never tried.. Looks crunchy, crispy and delicious :-)

  6. Very much tempting with a cup of tea. Very crunchy vadai

  7. My favorite vadai, I am missing vazhai poo a lot, I wish I could grab them right from here...

  8. This is a traditional delicacy ! I've never tried this...it looks very yummy !

  9. Prepared this recipe and it turned out yummy....thank you so much madam....i always loved these vadai Bt was afraid to try them at home Bt it was perfect.
    .thank you once again

    1. Glad you liked the recipe.. Thanks for the feedback Priya..


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