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Uttapam Sandwich | Step wise pictures

Uttapam Sandwich | Step wise pictures
Uttapam is a famous South Indian Breakfast recipe. This Indian crepe  is prepared from Dosa batter . One can choose their favourite toppings for Uttapam. My favourite toppings include Shallots, Onions, carrot, Coriander Leaves, Lentil Powder and Tomato. Uttapam Sandwich is a twist to normal Uttapam. Two South Indian chutneys - Tomato Chutney and  Coriander Chutney are used as Sandwich spread. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Uttapam Sandwich.

Preparation Time:      5 mins
Cook Time :                15 mins
Ready in :                   20 mins
Yields :                        1 Sandwich 
Uttapam Sandwich

1.5 Cups
2 tbsp
Onions chopped
1/4 Cup
Shallots chopped
1/4 Cup
Green chillies finely chopped 
Carrot shredded
1/4 Cup
Coriander leaves chopped 
2 stalks
1 tbsp
1 tbsp

  • Heat dosa tava or dosa pan in medium flame. Sprinkle water and check whether the dosa tava is hot. Take 1/2 Cup of dosa batter and spread evenly starting from centre. Pour oil on Uttapam circumference. when the colour of dosa is half cooked,add the desired  toppings (onions, shallots, green chillies, carrots and coriander leaves) and spread Oil on toppings. 
1 Uttapam Sandwich2 Uttapam Sandwich

  •  Close with the lid and  allow to cook for 1 to 2 mins till you see some golden spots. Carefully turn the uttapam and cook for a min.

3 Uttapam Sandwich4 Uttapam Sandwich

  • Prepare 3 uttapam by following the above steps. Place one Uttapam in serving plate. Apply 1 tbsp of coriander chutney .

5 Uttapam Sandwich6 Uttapam Sandwich

  •  Top it with second uttapam. Apply 1 tbsp of tomato chutney and close it with the third uttapam.

7 Uttapam Sandwich8 Uttapam Sandwich

Uttapam Sandwich | Step wise pictures
South Indian Uttapam Sandwich

Avoid green chillies if you are planning to give it to kids.
Choose your favourite toppings.


  1. I am admiring the sandwich made from dosa batter, Perfect outcome for a perfect meal.

  2. Innovative recipe and sounds yummy too..

  3. This is so new and looks delicious :-)

  4. Ayree.. super thought.Can make the kids eat lot of veggies by this method.THanks for sharing

  5. Loved this healthy sandwich!! Great idea...


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