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How to make Paneer in home ?

Paneer, Cottage cheese  is widely used in Indian Cooking. Low fat milk or whole milk can be used for making paneer. For creamier and firmer paneer, use whole milk. Only two ingredients are required for preparing paneer. Whole milk and lemon juice. Lemon juice can be replaced with Vinegar. I always prefer fresh home-made paneer when compared to store bought one. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Paneer in home.

Cook Time: 10 min
Rest Time: 30 mins to 2 hrs
Yields: Approx. 160 gms

Whole Milk4 Cups
SaltAs needed
Lemon Juice2 tbsp
How to make Paneer in home ?

  • Boil the milk in medium flame and remove from stove. Stir occasionally to avoid scorching at the botton. Add salt to the milk.
  • Add lemon juice slowly and Continuously stir the milk.The milk curdles and the solid separates from watery whey. If the milk doesn't curdle, add more lemon juice. All the paneer is separated when the whey is greenish yellow.
  • Filter the solid using a clean cheese cloth. Grab the ends of the cloth and squeeze out the extra moisture from solid curd. Tie the paneer and hang it on kitchen cabinet door knob for 30 mins. It helps to remove the excess liquid.
  • Place the paneer on clean counter and knead for 2 to 3 mins. Paneer will become crumbly. Press and Shape the paneer(solid) into rectangular or square block. Place it back on cheese cloth and wrap it. Place a heavy and flat object on top of the paneer. Allow it to rest for 1.5 to 2 hours. Cut into small cubes or desired shape.

  • The liquid separated from  Paneer is known as Whey. It can be used while preparing chapati dough.
  • Lemon juice can be replaced with Vinegar.
  • For Paneer Paratha and Paneer Bhurji, solid block of paneer is not needed. So skip last step of shaping the paneer into solid blocks instead hang the cheese cloth for 30 mins and use it in the recipe.
  • Avoid skimmed milk for preparing paneer.
  • 1/4 Cup of paneer made from whole milk has approximately 110 calories. 1/4 cup of paneer made from low fat has approximately 80 calories.


  1. Ya Nithys,U r correct about the whey.I also use whey for kneading chapatti dough dear

  2. Useful post Nithya. Very nice pictures on "how to" makes it more clear :-)

  3. Thank you for this post. I tried making once but it led to disaster. Shall follow as per this recipe.

  4. thank u for sharing the step by step... so useful!

  5. I too always make paneer at home!! It's quick, easy and healthier!! I use curd in place of lemon juice.
    Nice step by step picks, Nithya..


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