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Instant Karupatti paniyaram - Palm Jaggery Dumplings

Instant Karupatti paniyaram

Karupatti is a tamil word and represents the palm jaggery. My Grandma always insists on using karupatti instead of sugar. The authentic karuppati paniyaram involves lot of work and the batter should be prepared one day in advance. This Instant version uses the fermented dosa batter and the recipe can be prepared within 30 mins. Please check below for easy and quick Instant Karuppati paniyaram.

Preparation Time:      5 mins
Cook Time :                15 mins
Ready in :                   20 mins
Yields :                        21 paniyarams

1.5 Cups
Oil / Ghee
4 tbsp
Karupatti / Palm sugar                    
1/2 Cup
Desicated coconut
1/4 Cup
Rice Flour
1/4 Cup

  • Take 1/4 Cup water in thick bottomed vessel. Add palm jaggery and allow it to boil, till jaggery melts and forms a sugar syrup. Strain the sugar syrup and add it to dosa batter.

  •  Add coconut and rice flour to dosa batter. Mix well

  •  Heat Paniyaram pan. Add 1/4 tsp of oil/ghee in each hole. 

  • Pour dosa batter in each hole. Cover it with lid and cook till paniyaram edges turn golden colour.

  •  Reduce to low flame and Carefully turn paniyaram using stainless rod or spoon Cook till other side also turns golden colour or when the stainless rod inserted in the centre of paniyaram should come clean.


  1. hi Nithya..the paniyarams luks soo delish. first time here. hppy to follow you. do drop by my space as well.

  2. Looks awesome.. Perfect & tasty paniyarams :)


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