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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sweet Poha | Inippu Aval | Gokulashtami recipes

Sweet Poha
How about a sweet ready in 5 mins ? Sweet Poha is an instant sweet that can be prepared within 5 mins. Whenever I carve for sweet, my grandma immediately prepares this sweet. Poha is a favourite of Lord Krishna. This sweet poha is offered to Lord Krishna on Gokulastami | Krishna Jayanthi . No cooking involved in making of this sweet. Only 3 ingredients are needed. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing South Indian Sweet Poha - Jaggery Aval sweet.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Servings : 2
Sweet Poha

Poha | Aval | Attukulu1/2 Cup
Powdered Jaggery | Vellam1/4 Cup
Shredded coconut2 tbsp


  • Rinse Poha and Soak poha in water for 2-3 mins till it turns soft.

Sweet Poha Sweet Poha

  • Add powdered jaggery and shredded coconut to the poha.

Sweet Poha Sweet Poha

Sweet Poha | Inippu Aval | Sweet Attukulu | Gokulashtami recipes
Sweet Poha

Sweet Poha

Powdered Jaggery can be replaced with sugar.
This sweet can be garnished with fried nuts.


  1. Love sweet poha dear, yummy and healthy... my girls fav...

  2. I just love this. Used to eat loads when I was younger. That crunchy from pistas and coconut is so good.

  3. I have never had sweet poha!! This looks interesting enough for me to try!! Thanks for sharing...

  4. this is super quick and tasty !


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