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Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti
Biscotti is Origin of Italy. It means twice baked biscuits. Biscotti will be usually dry and crunchy. Biscotti are usually served with  drinks like coffee and tea into which biscotti are dunked . I have already posted Almond Biscotti.  Prepared this Egg-less Chocolate Biscotti for Home Baker's Challenge. This group is started by Ms Priya and this month challenge is hosted by her. If you are interested in baking, then you can join this group to learn new baking recipes every month.This biscotti is quite addictive and irresistible especially to chocolate lovers. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti.

Preparation Time: 20 mins
Bake Time: 45 mins
Yields: 30 Biscotti
Chocolate Oats Biscotti

All purpose flour | Maida1.25 Cup
Rolled Oats1/2 Cup
Cocoa powder1 tbsp
Baking powder1 tsp
Baking Soda1/2 tsp
Semisweet chocolates2 squares or 56 gms
Butter8 tbsp(or)1/2 Cup
Granulated Sugar3/4 Cup
Vanilla extract1 tsp
Chocolate chips2 tbsp


  • Preheat oven to 350 F. Microwave butter and semi sweet chocolate squares  for 40 sec to 1 min till they melt.

1 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti2 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

  •  Add sugar and vanilla essence to the butter ,chocolate mixture and whisk till they turn smooth.

3 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti4 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

  • Take all purpose flour, rolled oats, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda ans salt in a big bowl. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and prepare a soft dough.

5 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti6 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

  •  Lastly add chocolate chips and mix well. If needed sprinkle some milk.

7 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti8 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

  •  Roll the dough and place it in lined baking sheet. Bake the logs for 25 mins. Cool for 10 mins.

9 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti10 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

  • Using a sharp knife, slice the logs diagonally as 1 inch pieces. Turn the slices of biscotti and bake for 10 minutes. Repeat for other side also.

11 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti12 Egg-less Chocolate Oats Biscotti

If the dough is hard, then sprinkle few drops of milk.
If the dough is sticky, then sprinkle some flour and mix it.


  1. I have never ever baked biscotti in my entire life. Its about time. I saw the steps and its definitely useful to replicate these crispy and wonderful pieces.

  2. wow i'm drooling over, a must try recipe.. Thanks for sharing Nithya....

  3. That's lovely combo... oats and choco..Looks very crispy too.. :-)

  4. Yummy and healthy!! perfect with the evening tea..


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