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Pineapple Citrus Punch

Pineapple Citrus Punch
Tangy Orange and Yellow Lemons are rich in Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acids. Oranges and Lemon are also rich in dietary fibers and contains phyto chemicals. Pineapples are rich in minerals and essential vitamins. Pineapple is widely used in fruit salads, sweets, jams, gravies and also as a pizza topping. A fruit drink is an easy excuse to make the kids intake fresh fruits. Here is a fruit drink with the nutrients from three juicy and tasty fruits - Pineapple, Lemon and Orange. Please check below for Pineapple Citrus Punch

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Yields: 2 Servings
Pineapple Orange Lemon Juice

Medium Size Orange    
Medium Size Lemon
Pineapple Pieces
1/2 Cup 
2 tsp

  • Wash and  extract juices from lemon and orange. 
1 Pineapple Citrus Punch2 Pineapple Citrus Punch
  • Blend Pineapple to a smooth paste in blender. 
  • Mix pine apple juice to orange juice, lemon juice and sugar using a spoon. Chill and serve. Add ice cubes if needed.
Pineapple Citrus Juice

Adjust sugar to your taste.


  1. Beautiful blends of fruit and love the citrus and sweet punch.

  2. This is so wonderfully presented.. the such a refreshing drink...

  3. love this combo...Tempting clicks Nithya...

  4. Looks very refreshing and great clicks..


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