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Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam

Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam
String hoppers or Idiyappam is a traditional south Indian recipe. It is prepared using rice. My mom usually makes the Idiyappam from scratch in home. As I don't have the Idiyappam vessel in US, I get the instant Idiyappam. There are many versions of this sevai /santhakkai / Idiyappam /Rice Noodles / Indian Noodles.  I have already posted Lemon sevai, Tamarind Sevai and Tomato sevai. Please check below for detailed step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam.

Preparation Time:     5 mins
Cook Time :                10 mins
Ready in :                   15 mins
Yields :                        2 Servings
Coconut Sevai

Instant Rice sevai
(Tightly packed)
2 Cups
Shredded coconut
3/4 Cup
2 tbsp
1/4 tsp
Red Chillies
Chana dal
1 tsp
Urad dal
1 tsp
Curry leaves
Ginger finely chopped 
1 tsp
Roasted Peanuts
1/4 cup
Green chillies
As needed
Coriander Leaves
2 stalks

  • Cook instant rice sevai as per instructions given in packet. Over cooking the sevai will make it sticky. Mix 1 tbsp of Oil and keep it ready.
1 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam2 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam
  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in the pan and add mustard and allow it to splutter. Add chana dal, urad dal and fry it till chana dal turns golden brown color. Add finely chopped ginger, green chillies and red chillies and fry for a min.
3 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam4 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam
  • Add roasted peanuts followed by shredded coconut. Fry till raw smell goes off. Switch off the stove and garnish with coriander leaves. Mix it with cooked sevai and salt.
5 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam6 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam

 Coconut Sevai | Thengai Idiyappam
Thengai Idiyappam

  • Adding peanuts is optional. To get rich flavour, add roasted cashews or peanuts.
  • Adjust chillies to your taste.


  1. My fav sevai.. looks delicious & great clicks..

  2. Delicious and flavorful sevai, love it dear...

  3. i feel like having it now!! Looks very inviting..

  4. I shall try this recipe with mee hoon and I am sure it will turn out equally fabulous.

  5. This a nice recipe... Will try sometime :)

  6. When are you inviting me....???

  7. Very tasty preparation.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. thengai sevai looks so delicious :) wish I cud finish the whole bowl on my own :)


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