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Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry Iced Tea
Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, Manganese and fibres. They are fat free and good for bones. Strawberries are one of the fruits I buy regularly. Usually I prepare Strawberry milkshake and strawberry smoothie for my little one.  I had some strawberries left after making strawberry banana muffin, so prepared this strawberry iced tea. Summer has started and we don't feel like drinking anything hot. This chill strawberry iced tea is one of the easy ways to beat summer. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing strawberry iced tea.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 5 mins 
Yields : 2 servings

Strawberry Iced Tea

Black Tea Leaves       
1 tsp
2 Cups
4 tsp
Strawberry Medium size 
Ice cubes

  • Wash strawberry and chop into small pieces. Blend it to smooth paste by adding 1/2 cup water.Filter the strawberry juice using strainer.

  •  Heat water in a sauce pan. Add black tea leaves or powder. Allow it to Boil and remove from stove.

  • Filter the tea using strainer. To this add sugar and strawberry juice. 

  • Refrigerate for 2 hours. Add ice cubes and serve.
Strawberry Iced Tea

Adjust strawberries to your taste.
Don't boil the tea leaves for more time. Immediately remove it from stove immediately after it boils.
Adjust sugar to your taste.


  1. Berries are not cheap, so I normally buy the ready made version of the tea. That said, I support the home version as I can see how fabulous the outcome if in your space.

  2. flavor sounds very refreshing dear...

  3. Wow! Refreshing and magnificent drink Nithya :-)

  4. wow like the strawberry flavor.. yummy..

  5. This sounds soooo refreshing and innovative!!


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